Thursday, July 01, 2004

What is the Greatest Moment of Your life ????????

The chef prepares a special menu for your delight, oh my

Tonight you fly so high up in the vanilla sky

Unbearable or great

You gotta love every hour, you must appreciate

This is your time

This is your day

You've got it all

Don't blow it away
.....Lyrics from Vanilla Sky - Paul McCartney

Ever wondered , what is the greatest moment of your life ???
Have you experienced it yet ?
Or is it Still to come in the near future ??
Or will it ever come ?? Just PERFECT ...the way you want it ????

I have been pondering and thinking on the questions above..

Well , here is my conclusion after an internal debate..

My greatest Moment in my life has happened to me..however I am living to "raise the bar " and experience another much greater moment...

I would prefer to dream and live in the dream that ..I will manage to gather all the perfect ingredients..yet once again..and experience it all together..again..!!!
But since it would be the second will be much better..since I would have learnt from the moment of the past..

The "greatest moment of the past" will give me strength of achievement and give me motivation to live and work hard to achieve a better-then-greatest moment in the coming future...!!

I confided in someone very special to me , that "I live for special moments..
and I would like to consolidate my life as a bundle of such moments.."

I said that ..I think in the "burst-of-the-moment.."

But when I sit back and think again..I think its true for me..


yet once again......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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