Thursday, July 01, 2004

A moment from my life !!!


Une Femme Folle said...

hiya Mohit :) nice place you have got here.. keep posting the wonderful pics!

Anonymous said...

Mohit why do u every time post up a dark image or one in which you hide your gives an impression that you are afraid of the world....

Mohit Maheshwari said...

Dear Anonymous

There is nothing like , "I am afraid of the world " .
The pic which I added , was put up as dark , since its a very special moment for me..and I just had this "dark" image from this moment..??
I guess my bad luck ??

If you see my posts earlier , you will see I have shown very clear impages of me in my office , in my living room etc...

The Ladhak pic was as clear as clear can be ??

By the way why didt you post your name and give this comment as anonymous..?? LOL ;-)

Food for thought ??


Anonymous said...

A picture in dark.....suspicious ;-).....Thomas Britz