Monday, March 06, 2006

This BLOG is NO.1 with the keyword ... " indian flirting site " on Google :-)

This blog is going places , which I wanted-to-intend-unintentionally-but-never-intended-intentionally !!!! :-)

I am NO.1 for something....the best thing !!!

Type - Indian flirting site on Google :-),GGLG:2005-21,GGLG:en&q=indian+flirting+site


AJ said...

Wow man,
Your blog shows up with that search ;)

Vj said...

Congratulations!. even some weird queries in google , directed people to my blog. i know it's a good feeling.
It sure is..keep blogging. google's watching...

Shamshad Ahmad said...

good to see your blog number one

Mohit , my blog also is on first page of google with kyword : "IT consultant kanpur"