Thursday, March 02, 2006

Every night is Movie night !!!

Off late , I have watched tonnes of movies - good , bad , average , bad oscar nominee , good oscar nominees .

Its a new fixation and a weird one - watching movies on DVD at 4 am in the morning ( ofcourse after I am done with my day and night's work ).

Some of the movies I have recently watched ( and some 1-5 star ** ratings by me ):
  • Water ( Hindi ) - ( ****)
  • Crash (***)
  • Memoirs of a Geisha (**)
  • Walk the line (*****)
  • Munich (**) - (**** for the last sequence only)
  • The Weatherman (***)
  • The Transporter (**)
  • The Constant Gardner (***)
  • Rang De Basanti ( Hindi) (***)
  • Lost In Translation (****)
  • Pride and Prejudice ( walked away from the hall after 30 mins ) (*)
  • Red Eye (***)
  • Lord of War (****)

and few others I dont even remember the names off !!!

If I get time I will post some reviews ( only of the movies I liked )

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subhash said...

Okay I have seen your post read a lot...

Added you in GTalk... gone through your Dashhera posts (Back 2004) and I must say I want to talk to you and i think we will have nice conversation.

I am doing job currently and i have some other plans too but first i want to reach out there and communicate with people like you who have greate knowlege and experience also.

At the end i have seen you detailed profile, One Question "Are you really just 26 years old" :)

If yes then i am impressed

Kudos to your work....would like to hear from you soon.