Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Re-igniting the Blogging "Inspiration"

What makes an old artist come back to his canvas ?
What makes a down and out player come back and play his sport again?
What makes a blogger come back after 2 years and start blogging at 5 am in
the morning ?

Audience - Their views - Their constant emails.
Their phone calls at 4:30 in the night asking for more information on the subject !!!!!

Well I just got a phone call from someone in Germany asking me for more information on one very old posts of mine. "The mysterious Radha and her last meeting with Krishna"

I can't claim to be a superstar blogger or a great writer or a research. Infact I would call myself a very lazy blogger.
But one post of mine ( which I consolidated from my research online and offline on a Janamashtmi day) has attracted the most "honest" comments and positive feedback on my long forgotten blog.
I still keep reading the comments which come on my mail from time to time. I delete some of the strong ones and retain the marginal ones.

Some of the comments on my Krishna - Radha posts read as follows :

anu, said...
This article on Radha and Lord Krishna is mind blowing.... From this, one can understand the meaning of true love
11:22 PM

Sudheer Rimmalapudi said...
This was brilliant... very touching indeed. I could see the beauty of love here. Thanks for the article Mohit.
10:07 AM

Anonymous said...
The best love story any body can ever read - good job mohitTulasi Srinivas Gadiyaram
3:34 PM

Anonymous said...
12:27 PM

Anonymous said...
I would like to thank you for this article. I was kind of sick of people who did not dare to deal with the subject of Krishna's relationship with Radha and kept giving only the philosophical aspect of their union as jeevan merging wiht paramaathma. This article makes their love affair so human, and their sexual union is natural, innocent and not blasphemous in the least bit. Great job. Please do share with us more informationChampa
11:19 AM

Manasi said...
The information provided here was just too good .....this was a story which was not known to the people untill now and i think you have done a great job by sharing this story with us .This story clearly tells that the love of Radha-Krishna is truly divine,unconditional and intoxicating .........just too splendid !!!
4:29 PM

I feel very happy in knowing that there are a lot of you who have liked this particular post.

It feels truly very special. So special. That I have decided to get back to blogging.

Thanks everyone for your good words and emails.


Twilight Fairy said...

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neermathalam said...

Your radha krishna post...was read by me with rolling tears... dude...And I am linking that post in my blog.

Thanks a lot for clearing my mind..
And I love him more than ever..